• XI’AN Western Star Crafts Co., Ltd is an company of which the registration is entrusted by the Shaanxi Province Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce. And an exporting-oriented enterprise professionally manufacturing various kinds of cooper and iron crafts, with authority of self-designing, unique product,leading the development trend o…[המשך קריאה]

  • Xi’an UTOP MEASUREMENT INSTRUMENT Co., Ltd is a professional high-tech enterprise that engaged in the sensor R&D, design, production, sales, customized service, and technically cooperating. Our company is located in Xi’an, one of the three important sensor industrial bases, where is rich in convenient transportation, R&D country based strength,…[המשך קריאה]

  • 1085 1090 Anodized Aluminum Sheet
    Anodized aluminum sheet is an aluminum sheet that is placed in the corresponding electrolyte
    (such as sulfuric acid, chromic acid, oxalic acid, etc.) and is electrolyzed under specific conditions.
    The anodized aluminum sheet is widely used in machinery parts, aircraft and automotive parts, precision instruments…[המשך קריאה]

  • Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details
    Carton or Wooden Carton
    Delivery Time
    1.Size and technical data of 15KV composite pin insulator
    Rated voltage (KV)Rated mechanical bent failling load(KN)Structure height (mm)Min.Electric arc distanceMin nominal creepage distance (mm)Full wave lightning impulse withstand voltage…[המשך קריאה]

  • NutraValley Biotech Inc. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in supplying raw materials and solutions of organic health products to customers. Organic hemp foods are strategic product with high content of protein and quality, other main products include organic Reishi powder ,fruit and vegetable powder, which are used for the global dietary…[המשך קריאה]

  • Since 2002 , JIA-SPEED has established itself as a premier provider of PCB Design, PCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly, and Parts Procurement services. For over 17 years, our customers have relied on us to deliver their time sensitive jobs with the highest level of quality.
    As a leading provider of PCB Design, PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly services,…[המשך קריאה]

  • 1. Description
    English Name: Hesperidin
    Color: Brown Powder
    Part of Plant Used: Fruit
    Main Components: Hygroscopic
    CAS: 520-26-3
    Method of Testing: HPLC
    2. Specification

    3. Application:
    4. Functions:
    1.Anti-lipid oxidation.
    2.Scavenging oxygen free radicals.
    3.Anti-inflammatory…[המשך קריאה]

  • Shaanxi Fujie Pharmaceutical Co.,ltd has been extracting licorice roots since our founding in 1993. With over 20 years of continuous experience,we have become one of the leading suppliers in the natural licorice extracts pharmaceutical industry in China.
    Fujie Pharmaceuticals owns full sets of licorice industry chains including licorice…[המשך קריאה]

  • Military Grade Rugged Waterproof PDA
    Cilico F750 smartphone is an compact and rugged handheld PDA that can satisfy your demands for tough field work. It meets the military standards for withstanding humidity, dust, vibration, drops and extreme temperature. Meanwhile it combines many IOT functions like 1D barcode scanner, 2D/QR code scanner, NFC,…[המשך קריאה]

  • Bohai Group established in 1976. It is one of pipes & fittings founders in North China. Through more than 40 years development. Now Group has own 7 subsidiaries include CANGZHOU SHENGTAI PIPELEINE CO.,LTD. It is specialized in producing and distributing steel pipe & fittings.
    Group located in Cangzhou city, Hebei province, near Beijing &…[המשך קריאה]

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