• Established in 1989, Xi’an Shenwei Machinery & Electronic Co., Ltd. has grown to be a modernized enterprise specialized in designing, manufacturing, and marketing plastic and metal/nonmetal products, such as thick-walled thermoforming plastic parts, textile machinery parts, and so on. We have established excellent partnership with Itema Group, A…[המשך קריאה]

  • Wind Industrial Supplied Co.,Ltd has a dedicated team specializing in the industrial machine components and metal industrial materials.
    Our expertise lies in FORGINGS, CASTINGS, MACHINED COMPONENTS and METAL STAINLESS STEEL POWDER PRODUCTS for comprehensive industrial use. Our customers are confident in that they can rely on our services to…[המשך קריאה]

  • Introduction
    Pyramid, was established in 2006, specializing in welding automation manufacture, sales, and services with nearly 10 years experience.Our products ranges: automatic seam welding machine, resistance welding machine, automatic light pole welding machine and robotic welding station, etc. We direct energies to a higher quality products…[המשך קריאה]

  • 1.Our History
    Founded in 2012 as a professional international pharmaceutical corporation, headquartered in Xi’an (China), Shaanxi Pioneer Biotech Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of standardized herbal extracts and natural active ingredients for pharmaceutical, health food and cosmetic industries.

    2.Our Factory
    Located in Hanzhong, Shannxi…[המשך קריאה]

  • High Quality DTH Hammers Bit For Crawler Blast Hole Drilling Rig And DTH Hammers And Button Bits For Rock Drilling And DTH Hammer For Mining And Water Well Drilling And DTH Hammer For High Air Pressure DTH Drill Bit
    Should you’re interested in the high quality dth hammers bit for crawler blast hole drilling rig and dth hammers and button bits for…[המשך קריאה]

  • STC5w10w20w30w40w
    Voltage at Maximum Power18.57V18.57V18.82V18.57V18.57V
    Current at Maximum Power0.27A0.54A1.08A1.62A2.15A
    Model:HQ5P-40P Features
    1) High Module conversion efficiency, through superior manufacturing technology
    2) 0 to +5W positive…[המשך קריאה]

  • Shaanxi Hongda Phytochemistry Co.,Ltd, established in 2001, is a manufacturer specializing in herbal extract and processing based in China. Hongda owns over 86,000 square feet production area and our facility deals with over 3000 tons of natural herbs every year, from which we devoted to producing active ingredients for a large…[המשך קריאה]

  • Linhai Evergrow is a professional manufacturer of insect/fly screen mesh for windows and doors, which owns three factories located in Hebei province for the production of insect screens.

    Our main products: fiberglass insect screen, patio and pool screen, aluminum insect screen, stainless steel insect screen, security screen, pet mesh and…[המשך קריאה]

  • Company history
    In 1979, Qingdao Jiaonan Government built a factory for ship building business. The factory was named “Lingshan Ship building Co., Ltd” and the factory was owned by the government. One of her branches seated in the Zhuhai Industry Zone, the branch was the predecessor of our company. The main business is steel structure building and…[המשך קריאה]

  • Product name: Organic and natural black sesame powder
    Specification: 100% natural powder
    Appearance: Grey to black powder
    Used part: Seed of black sesame

    Black sesame refers to dry mature seeds of Sesamum indicum L., a plant under the genus Sesamum of the family Pedaliaceae. It plants are usually harvested during autumn when the fruits…[המשך קריאה]

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